Praise Report

I will give thanks to you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds. Psalm 9:1
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“Praise the lord amen, Before one week I put a prayer request about ants and rats problem, after that till now no ants and no rats, so I thank you lord jesus, holy spirit, and thank you also praise the lord amen” (Neema D, 6/15/21)

“Praise the Lord! I want to give thanks to the Lord for my healing. Bishop Jennifer prayed about pain on the tailbone of the spine whilst she was onto her prayers and healing session. I commented that it was me as this pain has really bothered me for months. After she prayed for me, I believed and immediately I couldn’t feel the pain on my tailbone! I thanked the Lord that through the anointed woman of God, I believed in the Lord for my healing and I just praise God for that. Thank you so much bishop Jennifer for your love and care towards everyone. May the Lord continue to bless you and your ministry. Love from the Fiji ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ฏ Islands” (Wati D, 6/5/21)

“Praise the lord amen. My name is neema dsouza.our family members all got covid possitive,so i placed a prayer request in your facebook live prayer,everyday you prayed for us now we are healed and blessed by god ,so i thank jesus and your prayer ministries thank you ,praise the lord amen” (Neema D, 6/1/21)

“Our financial condition is not good since last year. We are very sad. Last Saturday handkerchief Anointing was there. The preacher told me to keep the Anointing kerchief over your credit card. and pray.. So I prayed next day I got miracle money in my account. I thank Jesus Christ for his blessings Amen.” (Neema D, 5/17/21)

“Last week, I had asked you to pray for one of my support staff’s brother and his wife, they were troubling their mother, just to put the house on his name, I had given the anointing cloth to her and asked her to give it to the mother and she did it, from that day both her brother and his wife have cooled down and are not troubling the mother and also they are talking sweetly to my support staff.” (Florence F, 5/14/21)

“Dear Bishop Jen. My name is Wati from the Fiji Islands. Couple of nights ago brother Inoke put over a request for you to pray over me. Whilst you prayed, you mentioned fever and pneumonia to leave my body in Jesus mighty name. After your prayers, I felt so light and fever left my body! I didn’t go to the hospital but I believed and received my healing the moment you prayed! I had lost appetite long ago but I tell you what sister Jen. Now I am eating and enjoy eating! Oh what a miracle working God we serve. Bless you sister Jen and may double portion anointing be upon your ministry in Jesus powerful nameย ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™” (Wati G, 5/14/21)

“Praise the Lord Amen. My cousin Dayana and her family Got covid positive. They were so worried because her father in law has suffering from kidney infection for them covid is so risky to handle.. So I put my prayer request in your prayer group. After two weeks they all got covid negative report.. So I thank god for everything he has done to me and thank you also who prayed for my intentions. Praise the Lord Amen” (Neema D, 5/4/21)

“Handkerchief anointing testimony. After one day of this anointing. I got a job which will pay off my rent. All praise and glory to my Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.” (Celina, 4/29/21)

“I would like to share my testimony that my son Cress was having symptoms of covid as he had met a person who was positive, so he isolated himself and i gave him the anointed handkerchief blessed by Bishop Jen. He was supposed to go for a covid test but eventually he did not need to cause he got better within few days and joined us all in the family again healthy than before as he suffered from colitis as well. He still keeps the handkerchief on his stomach and day by day his stomach problems are just resolving. Thanks to Bishop Jen for praying for my son. I am happy to see the difference what he was a year ago and right now much much better after putting the handkerchief on his stomach.” (Tangerine P, 5/4/21)

“Bishop Jennifer prayed on cloths on Happs for healing my teeth were hurting so much and Bishop said put on the part were you need healing and I did and my teeth are healed. I’m sharing it to tell everyone Jesus is alive and he still heals I praise you my Lord . Jesus I want to thank you so much .and my mom was really really sick Bishop knows and I put it on my mom and my mom is doing much much better thank you Jesus. I love you Jesus and my so much my Lord. I praise you and worship you Jesus. Thank God I meant bishop because she’s been there for me .every time I call her for prayers she’s there. May God richly bless you and your family and God give you your heart desires. Glory be all to my Father my Lord” (Cathy S, 4/17/21)

“Once I did my health check up that time doctor had told that I have liver problems, less hemoglobin, thyroid problem and cholesterol problem so I was worried about that, one day I saw Bishop jen live prayer in facebook so I put up my prayer request, another time I did my health check up, now the report came normal… So I want to thank Jesus Christ of Nazareth and Bishop jen for the wonderful things…. Praise the Lord Amen” (Neema D, 4/13/21)

“I am Florence, I was suffering from hyper pigmentation for almost 20 years. I went to the best skin specialist but no one gave me the assurance that I would be healed, they said the marks will get light but it will stay life long but after I started attending the online programme of Bishop Jen. It was a miracle, within a week’s time, the pigmentation on my face disappeared which a real testimony, what doctors could not do. Jesus my healer cleansed my face. I adore and love you Jesus. Thank you Mama Jen for praying that I am healed. I urge all of you, whatever circumstances you are in, please come online and watch this program. Mama gives her life and soul to pray for all of us.” (Florence F, 4/13/21)

“The doctors had told me that my Femur head bone is getting dead due to a lack of blood circulation. I laid my prayer cloth on Saturday and my hip pain went. Iโ€™m sure I wonโ€™t have to do surgery anymore. Because I can walk and no pain is in my hip.” (Elisha D, 4/10/2021)

“I am from Guyana Yesterday morning I was groaning in pain and I saw Bishop praying. I could scarcely tell her what was wrong with me. I just said gallstones and pain. She told me get a prayer cloth or rag and lay it on my pain as a point of contact. I took my vest and placed it. The power of God touched me and I began crying and the pain went away immediately. I was scheduled to do surgery on Friday 16th. I know Iโ€™m healed. Jesus touched me and I had no more pain. Thank you Jesus.” (Ulene R, 4/10/2021)

“On Friday morning I woke up with excruciating pain in my abdomen. A voice told me to get my healing handkerchief and lay it on my stomach. I was instantly healed. There is no distance in prayer because Bishop anointed those handkerchief on Skype. Keep having faith in Jesus” (Nalini R, 4/10/2021)

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